Kathryn Cameron
Somewhere in the Margins
Apr 11 – May 11 2019

Neochrome is pleased to present Somewhere in the Margins, an exhibition of works by American artist Kathryn Cameron. Several works made from paper, steel and pigment will be on view for the first time in Italy.

The exhibition is composed by a group of works that keep the viewer in a suspended and subtle emotional state of mind. The impossibility to define the metaphor of the numerous margins, located in the periphery or in the center of the works, leave the glance on the verge of equilibrium. With its 19 works, this exhibition is strong but gentle, and is affirming, with a classical grace, those ancestral mysteries always hidden at the edge. These works are never still, there is a restless dynamic sometimes ascending while at other times precipitating. In this condition, some small areas remain unbalanced. Here Cameron’s palette includes rich pigment colors of reds, ochers, golds and blacks paying homage to the earth natural minerals used by our ancestors.

In the small works composed by pigments, reflecting the desire to maintain alive the naturality of things, and with the choice of a narrow format of paper, an entire world of physical and spiritual element is in dialog with its in and out. As small, independent creatures of the universe, these works appear resilient and ceaseless, underlined by a persistency of emotion, constantly present in a condition of lingering. The works painted with fingers, reveal a personal touch and suggest the multitude of the extension of the body of the artist. Along with the personal touch and the pigment emerge a feminine sensibility. The space, no matter the size of the work, appears infinite. The works are not landscapes, they are abstractions depicting that the mystery of life can be found in the margins, whether seen or unseen. The exhibition is composed by several works of different papers and a small pigmented sculpture of unpredictable materials.

Kathryn Cameron lives and works in New York. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kutztown University in cinema, photography, and television production. She has been trained in art at several institutions in New York since 1990. Kathryn is also part of the founding team to open The New York School of the Arts and The HUB Center for the Arts in New York, a cultural center and educational institution committed to innovation and experimentation in art, where she is currently responsible for curriculum programming and a faculty member. Cameron’s work is in a number of private collections throughout the United States, Europe and New Zealand.