Alberto Fiori
From Off To On
Jun 25 – Jul 31 2015

NEOCHROME is pleased to present From Off To On, the first solo show by Alberto Fiori.

The imagery of Alberto Fiori sets out to redefine the visual vocabulary that lies between the digital and analog languages; a dichotomy the artist chooses to grasp by rejecting the media hybrid in favor of a hypothesis of unprecedented convergence, in which the two codes interact without undermining their separate natures. The digital paintings and dye paintings represent the pictorial premises of this vision.

From Off To On refers to the action of concealing or revealing a part of space (off-canvas, on-canvas). The term “off-canvas,” generally used for digital web layouts, means keeping certain contents off the screen, outside the frame, to facilitate the viewing of other contents. As a result, the works appear as partial areas of a larger whole; while the dye paintings are often “chosen cutouts” belonging to canvases that were originally much larger, the digital paintings, with their layered structure organized in a ranked manner, offer glimpses of multiple overlays of forms and hues, transferred onto canvas. These are two extremely different techniques that nevertheless display the same ambiguous encounter between various opposites – foreground and background, positive and negative, subject and backdrop, form and trace, signified and signifier – and can find fulfillment only in a real vision of the whole. Exactly like the notes and rests in music.

The detachment from the painterly gesture, which in the dye paintings happens through the spraying of water on powdered paint, while in the digital works it takes place through digital printing, also permits a reinterpretation of the academic values of the artwork, and above all sheds new light on the relationship between the author and the composition, understood as loss, subtraction, “aesthetic synecdoche” in which the pars pro toto reasserts the autonomous identity of the work: in its turn image and object.

Alberto Fiori was born in 1985 in Pordenone, lives and works in London, UK. 

Curated by Marco Marrone