Jack Siegel
Nov 7 – Dec 15 2014

NEOCHROME is pleased to present Slow, the first solo show in Europe by Jack Siegel.

Like a time lapse of an autumn leaf each painting darkens as the viewer passes through each of the gallery's subdivided rooms. The ambivalent impression of paint upon the white surface—if one looks closely—generates an after-image which confounds the vague sequencing—the viewer carries his or her own impression as vision is projected upon the serial tablets. Two photographic prints of a loved one bookend the show—each of whose indiscernible variations contain four elapsed years filled with secret moments.

- Todd von Ammon, November 2014

Jack Siegel was born in 1986 in San Francisco, lives and works in New York.
Selected exhibitions: Half Gallery (New York), Roberts & Tilton (Culver City), Loyal Gallery (Stockholm), S2 Sotheby's (New York).

Curated by Margherita Artoni