Jessica Sanders
Soft Poached
Mar 26 – Apr 30 2015

NEOCHROME is pleased to present Soft Poached, the first European solo show by Jessica Sanders.

Always fascinated by malleable materials of a natural origin (her MFA in ceramics from Ohio State University bears this out), over the past seven years Jessica Sanders has produced a multimedia body of work where installations, sculptures and paintings coexist, all of which are considered through the filter of materials: beeswax, linen, and wood.

In Soft Poached, properties of wax are explored and constantly tested through an unexpected process of manipulation. In a new iteration of the Saturation series, Sanders is concentrating on one individual form to produce multiple copies of a single pattern. This reiterative gesture implies a standard image that functions as a premise, but the unpredictable nature of the process and the way in which the melted wax is absorbed by the linen generates discrepancies between works. What emerges is an awareness of the artists body within the process and the corporality of wax, underlined in an intimate way by the choice of the suiting linen and batiste fabrics.

Presented for the first time in an exhibition space, the Cast, Cover works are composed of a cast face on stretched linen. Again in this case, certain small irregularities of the wax (resulting from fine variations in wax and room temperature) unmistakably distinguish the various works of the series. Two versions are shown - a gradient and a delaminated face. For the gradient, the face is cast at an angle, allowing the beeswax to move from translucent to opaque across the piece. For the delaminated configuration, stretched linen is dipped in a single layer of beeswax, then a solid beeswax cover is cast atop it. The cast face is made as a unified part of the piece, but the nature of the wax is to push apart from itself. The result is a small gap where the two parts meet, suggesting a material independence that asserts itself in spite of – or perhaps through – the formal union.

The sculptural exasperation of the différance intrinsic to an artists’ practice is embodied by the Jut series, also shown for the first time. Here a solid beeswax work is produced in multiple variations of the same form. Each piece is unique yet reveals the signs of a mold, contrary to but still acknowledging the norms of the process through which its made. The subtraction of decorative elements confirms the aesthetic rigor of Sanders, whose main challenge unfolds inside the liminal threshold in which the work eludes the artist’s intentions and starts to define itself: to manipulate itself.

Jessica Sanders was born in 1985 in Mena (AK), lives and works in Brooklyn.

Selected exhibitions: Kansas (New York), Johannes Vogt (New York), Showroom Gallery (Brooklyn), Berthold Pott (Cologne), Middlemarch (Brussels).

Curated by Marco Marrone